What are Wood Planers Used For

For high-quality planing, the blade rotation speed must be at least 10,000 rpm.

The maximum planing depth for amateur electric guns is 2.5 mm in one pass and reaches 4 mm in professional models.

The surface grip must be at least 80 mm. With a smaller width of the knives, you have to process a large workpiece twice and thrice. In this case, it is very difficult to exclude the appearance of “steps”.

About the additional options that increase usability, we said above. If the tool is equipped with a side stop and can choose a quarter, this is a significant plus.

The presence of a soft start is a very useful option. Thanks to it, the life of the engine increases, and when the plane is turned on, the plane does not twitch or break free from the hand.

Blades of knives come in two types: cylindrical and spiral. The latter work better and purer than the first.

By the way of service, all blades are divided into disposable and reusable. The latter are more economically advantageous than the former, since they are subject to sharpening.

The parking shoe is a very useful option. It protrudes at the moment when the rear sole of the plane is lifted and protects the surface to be treated and the blades from damage. If there is no such an abutment, then after disconnection, it must be placed on its side, with a milling cutter from itself. Rotating blades reduce the speed for a few seconds. At this time, their blades are very dangerous.

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Having studied the user feedback, we offer you for the information technical characteristics of the electric gun or wood planer, optimal for homework:

  • power – 600-1000 W;
  • working width – 82 mm;
  • depth planing – 1, 5-3 mm;
  • rotational speed of knives – 13000-16000 rpm;
  • the maximum depth of the selected quarter is 20 mm;
  • weight not more than 4 kg.

Prices, manufacturers, models

Deciding to acquire an electric plane, you can not act blindly. The best way is to get acquainted with user feedback. They contain valuable advice on the choice and describes important nuances, as well as possible flaws in the work.

Indicators of reliability of any electrical device – the price and reputation of the manufacturer. Focusing on them, you can make the right choice.

Foreign companies that traditionally produce a productive and ergonomic power tool are Makita, Bosch, DeWalt. Their products can not be called cheap, but no one can blame it for low quality.

Technical characteristics of models:

  1. MAKITA KP 0810 – 16000 rpm, power 850 W., working width 82 mm, depth of planing up to 4 mm, weight 3.3 kg, quarter selection.
  2. MAKITA 1911B – 16000 rpm, power 900 W., working width 110 mm, depth planing up to 2 mm, weight 4.2 kg.
  3. BOSCH PHO 2000 – 19,500 rpm, power 680 W., working width 82 mm, depth planing up to 2 mm, weight 2.6 kg, quarter selection.
  4. BOSCH GHO 40-82C – 14000 rpm, power 850 W, working width 82 mm, depth of planing up to 4 mm, weight 3.2 kg, quarter selection.
  5. DeWalt DW 680 – 15000 rpm, power 600 W., working width 82 mm, depth planing to 2.5 mm, weight 3.2 kg, quarter selection.