Treibball — new sport for dogs

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It’s the newest sporting craze that your dog will go gaga for. Calling all clever canines! There’s a cool new sport for dogs that’s making its mark in the dog world. And once you get your dog started on Treibball, they’ll be sitting up begging for more.

Treibball (pronounced Try-ball) is a lot of fun for dogs and their owners, and perhaps best of all, it’s suitable for all breeds of dogs and for senior pets.

Round ‘Em Up

Treibball is a skill-based sport that involves your dog moving a series of big colourful gym balls into a net or between goalposts, using their nose and shoulders to guide the ball. The balls (up to around 10 in number) are positioned in a triangle, a bit like a game of billiards. Once your happy hound pushes one, the others will scatter — but that’s all part of the furs of the sport. And here’s where communication between you and your best buddy comes to the fore. You pick the order in which the balls are pushed into the net or between the goalposts, and then your dog gets a treat as a reward.

golden retriever

Treibball Trainer Pam is sure that the sport is like sheep herding. You use hand signals and verbal commands to guide the dog, just as farmers do with their sheep.

A Fun Sport

The sport of Treibball gains both dogs and owners in quite a few methods. It strengthens the bond between you, it’s an excellent chance to get outdoors and get active with your dog, and it’s also plenty of fun.

After a farmer noticed his working dogs desired a fun way to burn up extra energy after they’d completed their day’s work the sport started in Germany just over 10 years ago.

As a sport, it’s still evolving, and it isn’t yet recognised as a discipline — as agility training is, for example.

Back To Basics

To take part in the sport, you dog will need to know and follow simple commands, and to be able to be off lead and not easily distracted. It’s important that your dog has discipline and basic training, otherwise, your dog will just become frustrated, and may nip or try to chew the balls instead of pushing them.

To train your dog you can do a few things. Firstly, he needs to go where you ask on command. Use a mat and teach your dog to go to the mat. Then you might put a box in front of the mat so you teach your dog to go around the box and sit on the mat.

Your dog also needs to learn to touch the ball quite lightly, or it will be game over in seconds as the fitness center balls pop if they can be bitten! Start by getting your dog to touch that is you hand gently, to try this, then place a sticky note in your hand, and get the dog to touch it. Then move onto the next period, put down only a little toy truck and get the dog to touch it with its nose lightly — it will roll along the earth.


Over time your dog will improve their skills. The dog will learn control — and you will be able to send your dog out to stop behind any ball you nominate, and when you give a command like ’Over’ he’ll go to the next ball, or ’Back’ and he’ll go to another ball then finally ’Push’. It’s a sport that is both rewarding and challenging, and as your dog masters, the basics different activities can be added — for example your dog might move balls through a tunnel or the distances may get longer. It builds confidence, and helps your dog to learn control — having control of your dog is really what it is all about.

Get Into The Game

To get your playful pooch involved inTreibball it’s advisable so you and your dog can learn the fundamentals to take some lessons. You are able to begin when your pup is six months old.

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