How to Use a Wood Planer

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A wood planer is an essential woodworking tool used to produce boards that have an equal measurement in terms of thickness. This type of tool is mostly used for projects that call for creating a flat wooden board that requires a specific amount of thickness.

Even though a wood planer is a very effective woodworking tool, you need to have a good understanding of how it is used to be able to operate the equipment properly.

To guide you on how to use a planer, simply follow the instructions given below.

Step 1: Prepare your wood planer machine.

Check the blade of the tool if it is sharp and replace it if it isn’t.

If you are using electric planers, check if the power cord is securely connected to the electrical socket. If you are using battery powered ones check if the battery is appropriately charged.

Step 2: Select the wood board that you want to be planed.

Step 3: Wear your work gloves and eye protector before turning on the tool.

Step 4: Adjust the cutting depth according to your preferred thickness.

Step 5: Turn on the machine.

Step 6: Guide the board into the planer and let the machine do its job.

Step 7: Check the wood board and repeat step 6 until you get the desired result.

Now that you are ready to use the equipment, let us take a look at two of the best wood planers that are available on the market today.

DEWALT DW734 Benchtop Planer

The DEWALT DW734 Benchtop Planer is a tool that can deliver up to 20,000 RPM of raw power. It uses a three knife cutter-head that can perform 96 cuts per inch, enabling it to produce a finer finish than other planers.

The DEWALT DW734 is an excellent model for leveling out uneven surfaces and for straightening crooked lumber and badly cut factory produced wood. This machine has powerful motors (15 amp) that allow you to accomplish your projects quicker and easier.

This is a sturdy tool that can accommodate a maximum width capacity of 12 1/2 inches, a depth capacity of 6 inches and a cut depth of 1/8 inches. This planer also features an extra-long out feed and in feed tables to support materials of up to 33 ½ inches.

The DW734 includes a handy dust hood that can be attached to a vacuum or dust collector for a trouble free collection of wood chips and debris. This tool comes with a three-year limited warranty, a 90-day money back guarantee and a one-year free service contract.

Tool review: Benchtop Planers

Which type of air compressors is best for you?

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Air compressors have been used in the industry for a century now helping the industry of safe, flexible and convenient air. Over the years air compressors evolved into something more reliable and much function for the people. Different air compressors have been developed and invented to help people with their work in the engineering industry. So what type of air compressor is best for you?

There are in fact different types of air compressor that we use today. These are reciprocating piston compressors, rotary screw compressors, rotary sliding vane compressors and the centrifugal compressors.

WORX WG800.1 Hand-Held Hedge Trimmer Review

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Do you want to buy new hand-held hedge trimmers? Are you having challenges during your purchase online? Many people who would like to buy best hand-held hedge trimmers have been having serious problems when making their choices especially when they need excellent deals from online retailers. When you understand information on the features, you will be in a better position to make a decision that would satisfy your needs. Here is a review of hand-held hedge trimmers that will enable you have an easy time as you buy one:

What are the features?

The following are some of the features:

  1. Uses new Lithium Ion battery technology
    A new hand-held hedge trimmer often uses a new Lithium Ion battery technology that makes them different when compared to others that the market provides. In addition, it has a long life, no self-discharge, lightweight, and has no memory effect. This feature has made many people to prefer WORX WG800.1 Hand-Held Hedge Trimmer since they know that they would get a perfect product especially after buying it from the shopping outlets that sells them to customers today.
  2. Easy to use after purchase
    This WORX WG800.1 new Hand-Held shear or Hedge Trimmer is always easy to use after purchase. When you read the given instructions from the manual, you will never have problems, as you will enjoy using it. With its elongated mold soft grip handle that you can hold well, it will reduce your fatigue at the same time improving your grip. This means that you buyers of all WORX WG800.1 Hand-Held shear or Hedge Trimmers often should never have to worry on what they use especially when looking for the best trimmers.
  3. Has a unique design
    With its compact and lightweight design, you will enjoy using it thus making it one of the best products that exists for sale today. With the Battery charging indicator, you will tell the best time to charge it without having to run out of power to make it among the best products that are available for sale in the market. Its unique design has made many people to buy this WORX WG800.1 Hand-Held Hedge or shear Trimmer when compared to many other options available for sale today.
  4. It works faster that many shrub shears available for sale
    This new Hand-Held Hedge or shear Trimmer has some of the tools that works best for those who need excellent tools. It is one of the quickest tool-free conversion from grass shear to shrub shear when you need a tool that would provide you the best results. In addition, you will always have trouble shooting guidelines that works under the details of the product thus making it among the top rated products available for sale.


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How to Maintain a Salt Water Pool

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A salt water pool has many advantages such as softer water and reduced operational costs. It does not have chloramines. Some people think that salt water pool does not require any maintenance. On the contrary, maintenance is needed, but it is less as compared with other swimming pools.

Have you tried animal manures?

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Sometimes referred to as ‘gardener’s gold’, the benefits of adding animal manure to your vegetable plot cannot be underestimated – where there’s muck there’s magic.

How to Build Garden. Part 2

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We continue our theme about building garden

Stage 4: Fix Posts To Boards

Use a 5,5mm drill bit to drill two clearance holes in each post. These go 20mm and 110mm from the top of each post. The posts will be fitted to the hack of the boards. Place them 20mm in from the sides and 20mm down from the top edge of the board. Use a screw or nail, to mark through the clearance holes on to the back of the boards. Pilot holes can then be drilled at these points using the 4mm drill bit. Screw the posts to the boards through the drilled holes.

How to Build Garden. Part 1

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Slopes in your garden can be a bit of a safety hazard at times so why not put down some steps and make life easier for yourself. Joyce Russell will show you how to do it.

Material & Tools

The materials will vary according to the size of your steps, but for these ones you need two posts per step and a board of the width that you want the steps to be. I used reclaimed oak for my steps: this is hard, slow to rot, and it has an aged look.

Durable timbers such as chestnut or larch are other options, as are pressure processed timber, old railway ties etc. You will need to survey the site in order to decide the number of steps to fit into the slope.

build garden

Caring For Fruit Trees

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Top Grafting An Old Apple Tree

Let’s see an old variety of apple tree called ‘Bess Pool’ that originated in Nottinghamshire in the 1700s. It’s a healthy seven-year-old tree, but produces very little fruit because it blossoms late in the season when all the other trees have finished flowering. In order to get fruit, I need another variety that flowers at the same time to act as a pollinator. If you haven’t room for more trees so you can top graft different varieties on to the existing tree to create a family tree. The process of top grafting is fairly easy and is done in spring just as the trees are starting to show signs of growth.

bess pool

What Is The Best Manure For Garden

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The spectrum of manures used around the world ranges from bat guano to human waste. Some are ‘hot’ manures rich in nitrogen from urea such as chicken or goose. Those require a little care when applied to avoid ‘scorching’ tender roots. Others are ‘cooler’, such as cow, sheep and horse, especially as these are generally mixed with bedding material which is best composted first. Dog and cat manures may feed disease so should be got away. Manures are not a homogenous product.